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Join me "in the HAUS"!

If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has recently changed its algorithms and what that means, is fewer cat videos.  While I adore a good grumpy kitty wearing a shower cap meme, I usually just scroll on by without any more thought.  Maybe I'll snicker if it’s cute, but probably not a full on “like” unless it’s really late, or includes pie.  What this change does mean for small businesses such as mine, is that we now have a harder time interacting with our favorite audience, YOU!  I agree, some Facebook stuff has become super divisive and wow…during the political climate this last year? I don’t blame you for not logging on! 

Because I love each and every one of you, and truly appreciate to the very bottom of my heart that you have taken the time to interact with me and be a part of our growth and evolution over the past few years, I have decided to create a Facebook group where we can really get to know each other better and talk about the things we love. Ummm…chairs anyone?

Something that has really struck my heart in the last few years is that people just DO NOT know what they are getting when they buy big box furniture! Mind you, I’m not hating on Barn Barrel Mart, because few of us can afford the sofa of our dreams without a plan. It is my hope that consumers will make EDUCATED decisions with their purchases. 

I received so many estimate requests to “just re-stuff our cushions” from people who spent good money on what they thought was a long-term investment sofa, only to find themselves sitting in a hole watching their favorite weeknight series after a year or two. And Netflix marathons? No way. Too uncomfortable to sit for that long!  The cost of new foam is astronomical compared to an imported sofa.  (I'll talk about why in a future blog post here) And please…don’t even get me started on how they can possibly offer free shipping (and free returns?) on something oversized that comes from a different continent!!  Ah. A topic for group discussion.

So here are some of things I want to talk about in the next several months both in the group and here, on my blog. If you want to weigh in, ask questions and debate, the group is the place to do it.  

Upcoming topics:

  • Form follows function-especially when you buy a chair
  • Cushion depth. Yes, it’s a “thing” and us short girls understand
  • 8-way Hand-tied springs vs S-springs. Huh?
  • Foam density and why is my tush tired?
  • Arm height? Or do I really need that nap today?
  • What is a T-cushion? Does a stump come with it?
  • Legs. Yes, they are pretty…but are the INTEGRAL?
  • Is that fabric wine and popsicle proof?
  •, so much more!

Just a few of the upholstery related topics to come.  Please join us on this 2018 journey as I attempt to unveil the mysteries of upholstery, fabric, and furniture construction, and gosh darn…WHY IS IT SOOOO EXPENSIVE???

Lots of love to you!



Richelle Plett

I have a bit of a "thing" for chairs. I love the social aspect of seating. Think about it...we have special chairs for everything! A time out chair, a potty chair, Dad's chair, mom's chair. Archie Bunker's worn out Lazy Boy. Goldilocks and the Three Bears broken chair wouldn't be the same without each character picking their own special space! Chairs are functional art. Self expression. I love them!