Boobie Lights and a Not So Subtle Reminder to Get "The Girls" Checked!

 Check Out “The Girls!”

Hey Friends, can we talk for a minute?

October is almost over and I want to squeeze in one last topic about Breast Cancer Awareness month - Awareness. It’s a real thing! My hope is that every single one of “My Girls” get their annual mammograms! Big Ones. Little Ones. Floppy Ones that have seen better days. Augmented Reality Ones. Lopsided Ones. Get your Lovely Ladies looked at because early detection could just save your life! It did my mom and I’m forever grateful!

Breast Cancer Awareness

So, in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness month, let’s turn our attention upward, shall we? To the ceiling. Right there in the middle. You see it, I know you do! A big single, ever illuminating and always complementary to our complexion, overhead “Boobie Light!”

Sarcasm people…it doesn’t always translate well in text.


Who had the great idea that lights should be shaped like boobs? I get the basic idea and please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that like so many great thoughts, it was logical at the time. Electric plate? Check. Place for 1 or 2 bulbs? Check. Great big glass globe to keep it all together? Wait. No, not yet, let’s make it frosted so it’s really fancy! There. That’s better! Now, how about a nice big decorative screw to hold that on? Check. Stand back, that looks amazing! LOL

Pair boobie lights


I’m sure it was a man and the thought never crossed his consciousness. I bet Freud would have a few observations though…


This light fixture will be one of the first things to go when I get my hands on this living room during the One Room Challenge. When there are so many beautiful light fixtures available, there is no reason to keep a boob light! Nope not one. Not ever!


Let’s look at a few other pretty (and non-mammary) possibilities for overhead lighting! I know it can be tough to find just the right fit! Sometimes you just don’t have the head clearance to do a pretty dangling fixture. But you still need to see where you’re going in the dark, am I right? (Please. Don’t get me started on the Haunting of Hill House trending on Netflix right now. I now turn on every light in my path during my 3 am potty break) SHUDDER…pretty lights make great distraction!


Prefer to toss out the entire overhead light idea completely? I’ve felt that way too. How about a lamp or two instead? I confess I have a bit of a lamp obsession. And you know, with a little fancy electrical wiring, you can have that side lamp come on with a light switch! Magic isn’t it? A quick chat with your electrician or home repair store can fix you right up! They do it in hotels all the time!

With regard to my One Room challenge Boobie Light, I’m still searching for a good replacement one so I don’t have any spoiler alerts yet. But I will soon! (fist raised in the air!) Remember, my task is to find something functional, fantastic and frugal! I’m not worried. Yet. I’ll find something soon. Watch and see.

But in the meantime? Schedule your check up! I promise from now on, every time you look up and see a boobie light looking down at you, you’ll think of The Girls!

Curious about how the One room Challenge is going for everyone? Check it out HERE. The reveal is coming up in a two weeks - we’re over halfway there!

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That’s me at 2018 Fall High Point Market. Its like Candyland for designers - without the chocolate mud pit.

That’s me at 2018 Fall High Point Market. Its like Candyland for designers - without the chocolate mud pit.